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Look Who Recently Came To (And Made) Dinner At Our Beautiful Villa.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Giada de Laurentiis, Bobby Flay and a big film crew spent a week filming an episode for their new series in September of 2019 (before COVID). Bobby and Giada and their personal assistants stayed at the villa while the crew stayed off site. They put off the debut of the show so it could be part of the unveiling of the new Discovery Plus Channel. It's streaming now! If you don't want to subscribe you can just get a seven day free trial. I have to say they did a great job, and it makes me want to be in Italy again very soon.

Bobby and Giada in Italy
Episode 4 of Babby and Giada in Italy was filmed in September at our Villa and in and around Montalcino.
Promo for Bobby and Giada in Italy
Bobby and Giada drove up from Rome in a beautiful little Alpha Romeo.

As you'll see from the photos below our own Matteo Turchi (our amazing agronomist and wine maker) even had a cameo role driving Giada and Bobby into town in our red covertible, 3 wheel Piaggio Ape ("Ape" means bee in Italian). Matteo even had a speaking part. When he stops in the main piazza in Montalcino he says, "Eccoci." Meaning, "We're here." Not a lengthy line, but perfectly delivered! And during their stay they took advantage of many of our manager Lisa Jane's amazing recommendations for what to see and do.

On the last night of their stay they invited our friends and neighbors, Alessandro and Emanuela from Locanda Demetra, to the meal they filmed and prepared. See my post from March last year about Alessandro and Emanuela's wonderful farm-to-table restaurant right down the road from Villa Palazzetta.

And . . .

In Giada's Travel Tips on she says:

Montalcino: "One of our favorite towns in Tuscany, this area is known for its Brunello wine – so be sure to drink some! It’s also home to tons of great restaurants, along with some great unique shopping."

And about Villa Palazzetta she says:

Villa Palazzetta: "The most stunning villa. Elegant and homey all at once! You’ll want to spend all day by the pool with the most incredible views."

The bottom line is that we are thrilled they chose Villa Palazzetta. We're thrilled they loved our kitchen as much as we do. And we're thrilled they want to come back. They took wonderful care of our precious villa. They are welcome any time.

Here are a few still shots from the episode.


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