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 In 2005 a landscape photographer, along with his wife, a plein-air landscape painter, traveled to Tuscany to revisit the hilltowns that he had fallen in love with when he was a student in Florence. Over the next few years they went back at least once a year and stayed in 15-20 different hilltowns. They fell in love with Montalcino, world famous for its Brunello wine. For the last 8 years they have been returning to Montalcino almost every spring and fall to paint, to photograph and to enjoy the people, landscapes and wine of Montalcino.


The two dreamed of someday owning a property in the area. Year after year they looked. In their dream they envisioned a small house with vines, olive trees and most importantly, a view that would allow them to enjoy the changing weather and light of Val d'Orcia. One day their realtor in Montalcino called them and said he had found the "perfect" property. And indeed it was. It had incredible views, a vineyard, an olive orchard and was an easy 7-minute walk from the villa to the historic center of Montalcino.

But to transform the property into the place they dreamed of they would need help. So they found some partners, a builder and his wife from their hometown in Jackson, Wyoming, USA and a couple who were Bozeman, Montana architects. This creative team of people, with the help of a talented architect from Montalcino, set about to restore the 1600s villa they had purchased into the property of their dreams. They hired a local Montalcinese couple, Lisa Jane Cappannini and Matteo Turchi to manage the property and restore the grounds. Last year they produced 100 liters of olive olive and 500 bottles of wine. A dream come true.


And now the property is finally ready to share with a few special guests. Villa Palazzetta will be available to select guests from March through December. We hope you can see through this website what a special place Villa Palazzetta is. 


Wine cellar

Tour A Brunello Vineyard


Montalcino is home to Brunello di Montalcino, perhaps Italy's most famous wine. Within a five mile radius of the historic city center of Montalcino there are more than 263 Brunello vineyards. Villa Pallazzetta's concierge will be happy to arrange a tour and tasting or even lunch at one of these vineyards. 


Walk To A
Seventh Century Abbey

You can walk from Montalcino to the famous Sant'Antimo abbey which was started by Charlemagne in 700AD. It's a lovely walk with panoramic views going over hills and through forested hillsides. The inside of the abbey is truly a moving site to behold. Afterwards have lunch in the nearby hilltown of Castelnuovo dell'Abate and then take a 15-minute bus ride back up to Villa Palazzetta.

Sant Antimo
Sant Antimo


Explore Montalcino

Montalcino itself is a walled hilltown perched 564 meters above sea level. The views from every corner of town are incredible as they look out to vineyards and the World Heritage Site of the famous Val d'Orcia. The cobblestoned streets are charming and the architecturally unique city hall with its bell tower is in the center of the town's main piazza where you'll find cafes, restaurants and, of course, wine shops.

Montalcino back street
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