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Summer in Montalcino.. happy like our vines!!

Updated: Mar 24

It is often thought that Summer in Italy is too hot to enjoy. A lot of the people tend to prefer to come to Italy during Spring and Fall, which are undoubtedly two beautiful season.

But Summer is absolutely no less!

We probably don't feel like recommending visiting the cities like Rome, Florence and Venice in Summer, where the humility and the lack of vegetation combined with the summer temperatures only accentuates the perception of the heat. But the hilly countryside and the coast are just another story.

Montalcino is located on top of a crest, at 564m above the sea level, facing the mount Amiata (an ancient extinct vulcano) on the south-east, and only an hour away from the coast.

The combination of these factors favours an ideal microclimate for our Sangiovese grapes which are the basis of our famous Brunello wine, but also for us who are lucky enough to live in this corner of paradise in Tuscany.

Said this, we would like to share with you a couple of reviews which were written lately by our lovely guests:

"Long after our return back home, Montalcino is still on our minds.

Thank you for making our stay so seamless and memorable!

We spent 8 heavenly days in early August at Villa Palazzetta with 6 close friends to celebrate our retirement and fell in love with Italy all over again.

The news was plastered with warnings of heatwave in Europe, but in the hills of Montalcino we were pleasantly surprised with how comfortable the weather was. We woke to crisp early mornings with the sunrise (and the best coffee) to watch the midst uncover the surrounding landscape. We spent easy days poolside with the perfect breezes to buffer the Tuscan sun. In the evenings we wrapped up in sweaters to watch the stars open up over the view of the town’s picturesque fort on the horizon.

It’s impossible to capture the feeling of how beautiful our experience was— one morning we hiked along vineyards and ancient roads the 6 miles to the Abbey of Sant’Antimo.

Daily we strolled to Montalcino for the market, the restaurants, and just to explore its beauty. We toured three wineries, visited thermal hot springs and the ramparts of a castle.

We cooked, we ate, we drank… we enjoyed the easiest days and nights that bonded our friendships forever! Heaven! We are already looking at dates for 2024… August was a really wonderful time to be in Tuscany! Maybe we’ll get the gang back together for a reunion at Villa Palazzetta!

Grazie mille!!!" Seabring and Colin Davis

* * * * *

"We recently had the pleasure of staying at the Villa Palazzetta for the last two weeks of July in 2023. The weather was absolutely perfect! Bright Tuscan sunshine all day-with a cool breeze stirring daily as the day went on. The Villa is up in the hills of Tuscany - overlooking the wonderful town of Montalcino below. As a result, virtually every evening a gentle breeze blows thru the Villa property. During the day the weather is perfect summer pool weather - but as dusk approaches there is a 30 degree temperature differential! We slept with the windows and shutters wide open - while the cool Tuscan breeze swept thru!

The property itself is beyond spectacular. Overlooking the Val d’ Orcia - I cannot imagine there exists a more dramatic or stunning view than that from the back patio of the Villa. The garden, the flowers and plants and the vineyard are all a sight to behold when in full summer bloom. We were able to pick fresh tomatoes and basil from the vegetable garden every day, such a delicious treat!

We explored Tuscany in every way possible, visiting the local wineries and fabulous restaurants, dining alfresco virtually everywhere we went.

The property caretakers - Lisa, Matteo and Maria - provide an absolutely unparalleled level of service during your stay.

We cannot wait to return one day." Carol and Chuck Bode


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