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What I Did Last October At Villa Palazzetta During Our Mandatory 14-Day Self Quarantine

Updated: Mar 24

This video is made from 39 still images selected from more than 500 cloud photos taken during our 14-day Covid self-quarantine at the beginning of our trip to Italy in October, 2020. Photos were shot from the windows of our villa at all different times of day from pre-dawn to dark. These 39 images are presented in the order in which they were shot. They are combined into a 2-minute video with music to enhance your viewing experience. You can see more of these images in the Quarantine Clouds Gallery on my website at

During our 14-day quarantine we never left the villa property and had no visitors or guests. Our incredible manager, Lisa Jane, kept the groceries coming. In fact, I think I drove her crazy with all my exotic requests for Italian specialties! We walked laps on our five acres, cooked lots of new recipes, and I photographed clouds out the windows at every hour of the day while Lee made some beautiful watercolors.

In truth it was one of our best Italy trips ever. But hopefully we'll be able to go to Italy again soon without having to quarantine. We just got our first dose of COVID vaccine. Yeah! I hope you get a feeling from this video of just how magical those two weeks were.

And on our last evening in Montalcino we were treated to this magical scene at sunset before we left for Rome and our trip home the next day.

Montalcino, Italy at sunset
On our last full day at the villa we were socked in with fog for the entire day. Then just as sunset the fog dropped below the hilltops and we saw the Montalcino fortezza in all its glory.


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