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Villa Palazzetta Five Years Later . . .

Seems like it was just yesterday that we finished our remodel of Villa Palazzetta, but it was August of 2018. That's almost five years ago! On our visit to VP this spring we had some incredible light and I took the opportunity to take some new photos of our restored 1600's farmhouse. It's weathered well, I dare say. The grounds are doing so well under Matteo's patient care and the house seems like it was restored just yesterday thanks to Lisa Jane's eagle-eye for details. So here's a few shots from this past May. It really is this beautiful.

Villa Palazzetta
Returning home one evening after a painting and photography outing in the Val d'Orcia, this is what we came home to.

And just after that shot this was the view from the east patio of the villa. It's the panoramic vistas that astonish most guests to Villa Palazzetta. And we never cease to be amazed either.

View toward Montepulciano
The view east towards Montepulciano. It simply takes my breath away. Almost every evening.

View east from Villa Palazzetta
This is my favorite tree on the property. It reminds me of trees on the African savannah. Here it frames a squall passing over the Val d'Orcia to the east. The clarity of the Tuscan light on many evenings is simply amazing.

Several years ago we noticed that many of the old buildings have ivy growing up their sides. We thought it softened the look, not to mention how beautiful it is when the ivy leaves turn red in autumn. We planted these as a 2 foot high plant 3 years ago.

Villa Palazzetta
In another 10 years these vines will cover the northern facade.

Grapevines at Villa Palazzetta
Our grape vines are flourishing thanks to Matteo. And we're starting to make some pretty darned good red wine. And even a little rose. In spring the Wisteria blooms on the canopy over the most panoramic bocce pitch in Tuscany.

It's always hard to leave Villa Palazzetta. This is the view looking back toward the villa as you head out. I get a little choked up every time we leave. But who wouldn't?

Olive orchards at Villa Palazzetta
And we don't just have vines. We also have 100 olive tress and each fall we produce about 100 liters of extra virgin olive oil. Every guest gets a can of olive oil and a bottle of wine. It's priceless to us and you can't buy it.


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