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The Beautiful East Coast Of Italy On The Adriatic Sea.

None of the tourist guides talk much about the east coast of Italy. Mostly you hear about the Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre on the west side. The Adriatic Coast (other than Venice) is much less well-known. And given the overcrowding in Cinque Terre and Amalfi on the west coast, the Adriatic side is a real find.

After our quarantine last fall we did a four day trip to Sirolo on the Adriatic Sea, pretty much due east of Montalcino. It was about a three hour drive. There we had some beautiful walks, and enjoyed deserted beaches and mostly empty streets. Italy was open for travel to Italians and Europeans, but COVID kept most people away. In our entire trip we could count on one hand the number of people we saw without masks. Italy took COVID very seriously after the deadly experience they had in the north with COVID 19 in March of 2020. A little different than here at home!

The beach at Sirolo, Italy
Sunrise at the beach at Sirolo. We were the only people out and the sea seemed more lake a lake with the waves lapping gently on the shore.

And the seafood? OMG, we had several of the best seafood meals we've ever had. Fresh catch from the sea, incredible preparations and artful presentation. We're definitely going back!

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