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Our Hero. As in Chef Hiro.

Now we have two chefs to indulge our pleasures at Villa Palazzetta. First is our adopted nonna, Chef Paola, who makes traditional Montalcinese fare just like your Italian grandmother would have done it. And now for those wanting something less traditional, there's our hero, Chef Hiro.

Chef Hiro came to Italy back in the 90's knowing almost no Italian. He's originally from Kyoto, Japan. Hiro worked for a Michelin star chef at a local Brunello vineyard and even had his own restaurant for a while in nearby Buonconvento. Now he's catering private parties and is available to cook for our guests at Villa Palazzetta.

On our last trip to the villa he cooked an amazing dinner for us and a few friends. Here are some highlights.

The table waiting for the feast.
And the wines? Brunello, of course.
First course, a beautiful pecorino and vegetable souffle.
Then a sea bass risotto.
Then grilled quail with polenta and broccoli.
Then dessert of Chef Hiro's tiramisu and wild currents.

It was a gourmet meal to say the least. And a week later we had something very unique in Montalcino. An incredible sushi meal with fresh Mediterranean fish hand selected by Chef Hiro from the fish market in nearby Castiglione della Pescaia. Sushi in Tuscany? Absolutely.

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