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La Santissima Colazione Di Pasquetta In Montisi (and no, that's not really the Pope).

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Every Monday the day after Easter there is La Santissima Colazione Di Pasquetta in Montisi, a hill town nearby Montalcino. Loosely translated that means "the extremely holy breakfast of the day after Easter." Every Monday after Easter, except of course for the last two years when COVID lockdowns prevented such gatherings. So this year the celebration was especially festive. Montisi is a small, but very sophisticated little hill town about 20 minutes drive east of Montalcino.

In Montisi above the bar called Il Barrino, bar owner Gianluca, along with his mother Liria (the chef) have one of the nicer restaurants in this part of the world appropriately named L'Ombelico Del Mondo A Montisi (the umbilical cord of the world in Montisi). It's one of our favorite places to eat every time we come. Each year Gianluca puts on the Santissima Colazione.

It was a beautiful day. The air was chilly but the atmosphere was extremely heart warming. If you're ever in the area on Pasquetta be sure to go. If you're not here on Easter don't worry, just go the the restaurant. It's not just a gastronomic delight, but Gianluca personally makes every meal an experience you'll never forget. Trust me on this.

La Santissima Colazione di Pasquetta a Montisi
The owner of L'Ombelico Del Mondo a Montisi (the umbilical cord of the world in Montisi) and its owner (not the Pope) Gianlucca at his restaurant's annual day after Easter breakfast feast. At least I don't think the Pope wears running shoes.

Montisi celebration
People enjoying "the very holy breakfast of the day after Easter" in Montisi.


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