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Another Good Reason To Come To Italy In Spring.

In late winter and spring when you buy oranges you can select blood oranges from Sicily. They are called blood oranges, um, because of their color. And when you make fresh squeezed orange juice, well it's to die for.

Blood oranges from Sicily
Like I said, "blood" oranges.

If you've never had fresh orange juice squeezed from fresh blood oranges from Sicily, put it on your bucket list. It's just not like any orange juice you've ever tasted. So sweet!

Squeezing blood oranges
Right now the blood oranges are so big and fat that you can get one glass of juice from one orange. It's harder than just pouring it out of the carton, but worth every second of labor.

Blood oranges and fresh squeezed juice.
Once you've tasted blood orange juice there's no going back!

But I warn you right now it disappears before you know it.

There used to be orange juice in this glass.
I'll have another please. Go to any lengths to find it!


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