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And Recently Voted One of the Ten Best Restaurants in Tuscany? Our neighbors at Locanda Demetra.

Alessandro Paris, one of the owners of Locanda Demetra, and his lovely wife and amazing chef, Manuela.

Our friends and neighbors at Locanda Demetra started their farm-to-table restaurant a few years back. It used to be easy to show up and get a table. Not so anymore. Now you'd better either have advance reservations or be friends with our concierge and manager, Lisa Jane. Why? Because just recently their little restaurant was named one of the top ten restaurants in Tuscany. Lucky us because they are only half a kilometer down the road from Villa Palazzetta.

Locanda Demetra serves lunch every day and dinners Wednesday thru Saturday. On a nice day you can sit outside and enjoy a beautiful view across their garden to the Val D'Orcia.

Besides having an incredibly interesting and creative menu, the folks at Locanda are just plain wonderful. Alessandro will take your order and he'll spend as much time as it takes to make sure you understand each dish. There's never any rush to eat since they usually only book one seating. Your table is yours for as long as you want it.

Food in Tuscany tends to be pretty predictable. Not so at Locanda Demetra. Every day there are new dishes and the menu radically changes as the season changes and different fresh items become locally available. I promise this will be one of the most memorable eating experiences you'll have in Tuscany. You'll eat, drink and laugh your way through an amazing culinary experience. But take it from me, book your reservation before you arrive at Villa Palazzetta, at least two weeks in advance. And enjoy!

Here are a few photos of the delicacies we've enjoyed at Locanda. I can't remember exactly what each of these dishes were, but I can tell you every single thing we've ordered there has been spectacular.

Hand made green pasta tortellini stuffed with local ricotta and topped with local sausage and shaved pecorino. OMG!

Lentil and sausage soup and a fall day
Fig, walnut and local honey appetizer.
Ooops, ate before I clicked. Che peccato! Pumpkin squash and pecorino stuffed ravioli. with walnuts. Everything hand made, of course.
For dessert, a hazelnut tort.

And here is a shot of the three Paris siblings who together make Locanda Demetra one of the most amazing culinary experiences in Tuscany.

Giovanni, Marta and Alessandro Paris, proprietors of Locanda Demetra.


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