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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

The other day I mentioned that spring was perhaps the most beautiful time of year in Montalcino and Tuscany. First if you come before June 1st you'll miss the biggest tourist rush in June. But second, it's just plain gorgeous. Here's my evidence.

Clouds on a spring afternoon in the Val d'Orcia.
Afternoon thunderclouds forming over the spring fields in the Val d'Orcia just below Montalcino.

The light in spring is so clear and crisp. The wheat fields around Montalcino in the Val d'Orcia are springing to life and the shapes and curves of the hills are simply sensuous.

The locals are happy too. They're thrilled to see the visitors back and ready to start the new season. We have a major opening in the second half of May which is very unusual. This may be your best chance to enjoy Villa Palazzetta and Tuscany in spring. Check the BOOK OUR VILLA page on our website.


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