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A Most Extraordinary Dining Adventure at Ristorante Piera e Beppe (ps-that's not the real name).

Six kilometers up a very narrow winding road and 600 meters above the upper reaches of the Arno River (yes the one that goes through Florence) nestled in the Apennine Mountains, we recently had one of the most amazing dining experiences we've ever had. Everything: the location, the "team" at the restaurant, the food, was simply like nothing we've ever experienced. I call it Ristorante Piera e Beppe because the owner, Edoardo, has two of the most wonderful golden retrievers you've ever seen. Piera and Beppe are quite literally scene stealers. Edoardo has parlayed photos of his dogs and his one-table restaurant into more than 20,000 Instagram followers, and his tiny "Home Restaurant" is now booked months in advance. But thanks to our amazing concierge Lisa Jane, we got in this past weekend along with Lisa and Matteo. OMG, wait until you read and see more.

Piera, Beppe and Edoardo at Casa Boccherini
The "team" at Casa Boscherini: La Piera (left), Il Beppe (middle) and owner/chef Edoardo.

So here is Casa Boscherini. There is one table that seats a maximum of eight people, a wood cookstove, geese, chickens, a turkey and coming soon one beautiful little bedroom with bathroom for one couple. Edoardo uses fresh goose eggs and chicken eggs from his local team in his cooking along with many wild herbs sourced from around his house. But make no mistake, he's also a true gourmet chef.

Oh, you also need to meet Tacco the Turkey. In Italian the word for turkey is "tacchino" hence this gobbler's name is Tacco. Since it was raining out, the chickens and the turkey really wanted to come into the kitchen with the wood stove and they let us know that as you'll see in the video.

We had five courses along with three "amuse bouche" (a french term meaning literally "mouth amusers"). Here is the menu we were served over two hours:

-Vegetable broth with wild herbs.

-Wild herb flan with homemade tomato sauce and agretti.

-Amuse bouche of goat cheese risotto with lime zest and fresh ground pepper.

-Spaghetti alla carbonara with local bardiccio pork sausage, goose egg, goat cheese and fresh ground pepper.

-Amuse bouche of small venison burgers with home-made mayonnaise.

-Quail stuffed with local bardiccio sausage, chard and scamorza cheese.

-Dessert of creme brulée

-Moka coffee

Below is a gallery of photos from our dining experience.

And for dessert a most tasty creme brulée made with eggs fresh from the hens outside the door. Ever had a creme brulée with freshly laid eggs? Heaven.

While staying at the villa or townhouse, if you give Lisa Jane enough warning she might just be able to get you in. If so, take her up on it.


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