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A First In Montalcino

Europe and Italy are making a major push to encourage electric cars. So we decided to do our part and put in the first high powered charging station in Montalcino, at least that we know of. It was definitely the first our electrician had every installed! It's available to our guests. We're starting to see a lot of electric cars in Italy. So next time your visit consider renting one. They're available.

Electric car charger at Villa Palazzetta.
Available to our guests at no extra charge. The first electric car charging station in Montalcino. We can all do with a little less auto exhaust.

Quite the contrast. Our three-wheeled Piaggio Ape next to a state-of-the-art electric car charging station. Ape means "wasp" which is what these little vehicles sound like. A lot of local farmers still use these to go for groceries and for other errands. They didn't have electric versions of this when we got it. Maybe someday . . .


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