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(And yes, we're pretty proud of this!)

Here's what our Italian heating and cooling consultant wrote about our system:

The building Villa Palazzetta has been completely renovated with an intervention aimed for high energy performance.

Important thermal insulation measures have been carried out, both on the vertical structures (walls and windows) and on the covering of the building envelope, leaving the external aesthetic features of the building unaltered.

The building is equipped with an air conditioning system powered by a high efficiency air / water heat pump (with heat recovery) designed for both the summer cooling of the building and its winter heating, as well as the production of hot water for hygienic-sanitary uses, as well as for the heating of the swimming pool in the months of the tail of the summer season. In the colder months of the year, when temperatures are colder, the heat pump system is supplemented by a condensing methane gas boiler.

Inside the floors of the house is installed a radiant floor panel system used both for heating in winter and for summer cooling, integrated in the winter season with radiators installed inside the bathrooms. In addition, fan-coils integrate summer cooling and dehumidification.

Each of the rooms on the first floor and the living area on the ground floor are independently controlled for each room by means of wall-mounted touch-screen panels that manage both the floor radiant system and the fan-coils.

The production of domestic hot water is carried out primarily via a system of solar thermal panels, which when needed are integrated both by the heat pump and the boiler.

An automatic air exchange system (VMC) is also installed, with high efficiency energy recovery, which allows you to live the building even without opening the windows, maintaining maximum efficiency.

A remote supervision system allows the control and management of this system from the WEB.

In addition, strong attention was also paid to the energy consumption of lighting and appliances: all the lighting fixtures installed inside and outside the building are LED and the appliances are of the best energy class.

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